typogrify - enhanced

Tags: drupal, obsolete

using Markdown is just gorgeous. But it lacks on some typographic hints.

So using Typogrify improves the readability allot. (That’s more important, the less substance is in your blogs!).

There’s a module for that!

There are Drupal-Modules that offer these functions.

To support ‘GermanQuotes’ I patched the typogrify-Module with the patches provided in the Issue-Queue.

Some examples:

An english text with ‘ls’ or “kmm” as ticks.

so long … and thank’s for the FISH! so long . . .

1st http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-7.9.tar.gz is out!

2nd --- ,,So kann man es mischen'' >>voila<< ->| <- <<- <= <div>meme ... <=></div>
2nd — „So kann man es mischen” »voila« ⇥ ← ↞ ⇐

meme … ⇔

3rd – 1x24x50